Accelerated Devices Journey Continues: Manufacturing Production Meets Scheduling

The manufacturing process is what turns your concepts into revenue. Therefore, the manufacturing step in your design process should not be treated as an after thought. Having a manufacturing process engineering solution will optimize product assembly, prepare manufacturing execution in the factory, and deliver work instructions to the shop floor regardless of internal or external assembly. Join EMA and Dassault Systemes to learn how to improve your manufacturing efficiency through the use of a digital twin to ensure your design is manufactured right the first time, and how to mitigate the learning curve for production.

What you will learn:
Digital Continuity from Engineering to Manufacturing
Common manufacturing challenges and their solutions such as how to include design changes efficiently
Accelerated Manufacturing process engineering to achieve (First Time Right)
Leveraging your engineering data for manufacturing a digital twin
Creating a process plan to identify Manufacturing problems earlier
Model and Optimize processes for Accelerating NPI

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Flex PCB Design Guidelines for Manufacturing

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