On-Demand Webinar: Serial Link Design - Meeting the Need for Speed

July 22, 2019 Team EMA


Things aren’t just getting faster; they are getting exponentially faster at a dramatic rate. As such more interfaces are relying on serial communication to meet their speed and data transfer requirements. Learn how to reliably design in your high speed serial interfaces right the first time with tips from the experts at EMA.  

What you will learn: 

  • Overview of Serial links and their design benefits
  • Discuss some common serial interfaces such as (USB, PCI-e, CAN, SPI, HDMI)
  • Review common challenges, including jitter and noise as well as board level design effects,  and how to overcome them
  • How to properly account for and model SerDes equalization algorithms
  • How to ensure serial link compliance upfront

You can access the webinar slides here.

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