OrCAD Capture Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet

September 30, 2016 Team EMA


After designing the Pspice keyboard shortcut infographic, we realized OrCAD Capture users could benefit from a shortcuts cheat sheet as well.  The cheat sheet includes all the common shortcuts Capture users utilize frequently in an easy to read, infographic format. For those of you who want more time saving tips and tricks, we've also created a bonus sheet for you to download.  The bonus sheet includes other Capture shortcuts that aren't as widely known, but are extremely useful for the avid user. So now instead of scouring the internet trying to find those simple, effective, and time-saving shortcuts for Capture, you can find them right here, in one (or two!) printable cheat sheets.


You can print and download the cheat sheet here and the bonus cheat sheet here for your own personal use, or even for other OrCAD Capture users you believe could benefit from these time saving shortcuts.  


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