How To Eliminate Iterations for Rigid-Flex Designs with Allegro PCB Editor

Getting Rigid-Flex boards, right the first time is no easy feat. While Rigid-Flex provides numerous advantages for product development it comes with a host of specialized design requirements that must be adhered to. Understanding and keeping track of all these design requirements can feel overwhelming especially if they need to be managed manually. Learn how Allegro PCB Editor in the OrCAD and Allegro PCB suites enables design teams to easily embed their rigid-flex design requirements providing instant feedback as the design progresses, enabling true correct-by-construction design.

What you will learn:
How to quickly create, assign, and manage intelligent stack-up zones for your rigid and flex regions
Explore how to setup constraints for stack-ups, spacing, bend areas, etc, with an intuitive spreadsheet based interface
How to make sure you are accounting for bend zones during routing and placement automatically
Tools to speed up routing of flex regions including fast contour and arc routing
How to automate generation of detailed fab drawings to drive accurate manufacturing
Evaluate your design in 3D to explore all bend scenarios and identify potential collisions
How Allegro PCB Editor provides a complete set of capabilities to accurately define, manage, and execute on Rigid-Flex design with first pass success

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