OrCAD PADS Migration Guide

April 11, 2018 OrCAD PCB Solutions

Choosing the right PCB design solution is never an easy task. No matter if you are a startup company looking for tools to develop your first product, a large enterprise wanting to improve the productivity and efficiency of your design team, or somewhere in between, selecting a PCB solution can be a daunting task. Nobody wants to get 75% of the way through a design to find that the software you selected is not going to achieve what you need it to do. There are many aspects you have to consider when choosing your PCB Design solution including:

• Do the capabilities of the offering and its technology meet your design requirements?

• What’s the cost of the software? Does it fit within your budget?

• What’s the support service like? Will you be able to get quick responses to your questions and access online based tutorials?

• Can its technology and solution scale with your needs? As designs are getting more and more complex, will the capabilities of the tool adjust accordingly?

• How many other companies in your industry are using this tool and what is their feedback?

With OrCAD® PCB Design Solutions, you can be confident that you will have the right solution and technologies to meet all of your design challenges today and tomorrow. 

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PCB Design Solutions to go from prototype to production in less time and get it right the first time with real-time feedback.

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