Updates to Ultra Librarian for OrCAD Make it the Obvious Choice for PCB Libraries

July 21, 2017 Team EMA

Component decision making just got a whole lot easier with our most recent updates to Ultra Librarian® for OrCAD.  Our goal is to provide you with a reliable source for component information and data through a seamless integration with OrCAD Capture. The latest updates to the OrCAD plugin do just that by offering an improved user experience, new features, and new parts to choose from.


Electronic component decision making is largely based on component functions and specifications but can also include reviewing pricing, inventory levels, and even manufacturer information. In our latest update, you will find more of the information you need to make the best component decisions for each design. In addition to obtaining pre-built CAD models, you can now search for other pertinent component information including stock levels, pricing, and electronic specifications.



With our recent updates, we have also increased the number of pre-built parts available at your fingertips. The seamless integration between OrCAD capture and the Ultra Librarian database continues to be a major benefit, making it easier to search, preview, and place pre-built schematic symbols directly into designs without leaving the OrCAD environment. Our unified library solution is growing, with a record number of over 12 million pre-built parts at your fingertips, including the latest parts from major manufacturers Analog Devices, AVX, Cypress, Freescale, Infineon, Linear Technology, Samtec, Samsung, Texas Instruments, Vishay, and more.


The partnership between OrCAD and Ultra Librarian was established to make your life as a PCB designer easier. Our latest updates are designed to speed up your component decision making process by providing you with all the necessary information needed to make smart component choices. With access to inventory, pricing, and electronic specifications you can make informed decisions and move quickly from schematic to PCB layout and even 3D rendering with pre-built models. Ultra Librarian for OrCAD gives you confidence in your part selection and pre-built models, so you can focus on creating new and innovative products.


Want to try Ultra Librarian for OrCAD? Experience the next generation of PCB libraries with a 90-day free trial for Ultra Librarian for OrCAD. Click here to learn more. 

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