Quick Tutorial: How to detach the timing meter in OrCAD

September 10, 2021 Shannon Henry


Meeting timing requirements is crucial in high-speed designs and is often accomplished by length matching and delay tuning for critical nets. To help accomplish this, OrCAD PCB Designer Professional provides a timing meter on the PCB Canvas during routing for visual feedback on adherence to defined timing rules.  This real-time, color-coded meter, typically fixed in the corner of the PCB canvas, can be attached to your cursor as you route, preventing you from simultaneously looking at multiple locations on the canvas and improving your user experience.


Step 1: In OrCAD PCB Designer Professional, select Setup > User Preferences from the menu.


Step 2: Choose Route > Connect from the categories.

Step 3: Deselect the allegro_dynam_timing_fixedpos preference.

Step 4: Select Apply and OK.

Note: The timing meter will now be attached to the cursor during routing if the selected net has associated timing constraints.

Real-time timing feedback is essential to create a functional design, efficiently. Detaching the timing meter from a fixed position allows you to easily incorporate this feedback while you route.


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