Radar Systems

Working with radar frequencies and applications in communications system design requires ingenuity for managing systems operating in particular frequency bands. GaN or GaAs technologies, coupled with phased array antennas, power amplifiers, MIMO technology, and any number more of RF filters, sensors, and transformers can each yield difficulties within the RF and microwave systems design environments.

This white paper will go over:

  • An Integrated Framework for Complex Radar System Design
  • OCW Coffee-Can Radar Optimized
  • Design Challenges of Next-Generation AESA Radar 
  • MIMO/Phased-Array Antenna Systems.
  • mmWave Automotive Radar and Antenna System Development
  • MACOM Designs Ka-Band MMIC Power Amplifier (Case Study)

About the Author

Solving electromagnetic, electronics, thermal, and electromechanical simulation challenges to ensure your system works under wide-ranging operating conditions

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