Microstrip Antenna Design

For antenna design software, whether its 5G antennas, phased array antennas, or anything else offered, make sure your tools offer you profound EM simulation options and opportunities. Microstrip antenna arrays require fine-tuning for frequency targets as well as to mitigate interference, having a planar waveform simulator will become particularly helpful along with many of the other great opportunities for the antenna design arena. 

The following topics are discussed in this eBook:

  • Antenna Characterization
  • Microstrip Antenna Description
  • Microstrip Antenna Directivity
  • Microstrip Antenna Design
  • Microstrip Antenna Design Example
  • Electromagnetic Simulation of Direct Coupled Microstrip Antenna
  • Prototype Microstrip Antenna
  • Microstrip Antenna Array

Microstrip Antenna Design eBook is authored by Kenneth Puglia. 

About the Author

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