Engineer's Guide to PCIe: How to Achieve PCIe Compliance Upfront

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Engineer's Guide to PCIe: How To Achieve PCIe Compliance Upfront

Interconnectivity, whether with foundational components or to facilitate integration with peripheral devices, is essential for computing systems. Peripheral component interconnect express (PCIe) is an industry standard that is commonly utilized for these critical interfaces. The PCIe protocol is complex, and several tests that analyze electromagnetic effects and signal integrity of new products are required to ensure acceptable integration and operation with connected devices and achieve PCIe compliance.

This eBook answers the following questions:

  • How PCIe compliance requirements have evolved and why they are so important?
  • What are the electrical parameters that are tested for PCIe compliance?
  • What are the differences in compliance requirements for PCIe 4, 5, and 6?
  • How the use of signal integrity software can help you to ensure that your board or product is PCIe compliant the first time?

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