Let’s Learn Together: Simulation Process Engineer

June 21, 2022 Katie Corey

This post is a continuation in a series about simulation on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and some of the roles you can find there. This week we are focusing on the Simulation Process Engineer role and how it leverages simulation methods and provides access to key simulation tools.


The Simulation Process Engineer role leverages simulation methods and provides access to key simulation tools and processes by capturing and automating the execution of multiple tasks necessary in the innovation, verification & validation cycle.

Improve productivity and reduce time-consuming manual tasks, democratize best practices and create performance models for design exploration.

  • Deploy and globally enforce modeling & simulation best-practices to be repeatable, reusable and accessible
  • Encapsulate Knowledge and Know-how to eradicate manual simulation processes, significantly improving efficiency and traceability
  • Capture complex integration workflows that robustly take into account variability of a high number of design parameters and multiple simulation tools for use in design exploration
  • Drag-and-drop process authoring to reduce process development time
  • Native integration of 3DEXPERIENCE apps ensures all geometry and simulation parameters are immediately available
  • Openness to connect any simulation tool to 3DEXPERIENCE
  • Build your own simulation dashboard: Allows users to create a customized interface to access and manage all of their key simulation tools and processes in one place
  • Native execution infrastructure, designed for simulation processes and including heterogeneous platform support with HPC & DRM integration
What’s New
  • Redesigned adapter log error messages to allow users to find the root cause & resolve problems more efficiently
  • Reduce the support burden by adhering to 3DEXPERIENCE conventions & allowing multiple import of Simulation processes with the same name
  • Continue modernizing the look & feel with the new clean table UI for Activity Options

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