On-Demand Webinar: Electro-Mechanical System Design

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Electro-Mechanical System Design

As electronics permeates every aspect of our lives often driving some of the most critical and important systems we need and use everyday it is more important than ever to ensure the electrical and mechanical elements are validated as a complete system. Often designers are forced to use rough approximations of intended behavior or unable to effectively test design alternatives across the entire system fabric to optimize performance. These limitations lead to inefficiency, added costs, and potential product failures. Learn the latest techniques from the experts at EMA on how to unify your system design environment using tools such as MATLAB Simulink and PSpice to enable effective electro-mechanical co-design. What you will learn: - How electro-mechanical systems are typically design today - Why electrical and system design are often done separately - Common issues this disjointed process causes - How to approach electro-mechanical system design holistically - Examples of common use cases such as motor controllers, sensors, solar panels


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