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  • Automotive System Trends for Analog IC Design

    Automotive System Trends for Analog IC Design

    Automotive trends in electrification, autonomous driving, e-mobility and connectivity are shaping today’s analog design requirementts.

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  • Flexible Circuit Bending

    Flexible Circuit Bending

    Bend flex circuitry in your design individually or in groups to verify assembly and fit, and see any collisions that might happen when folded.

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  • Real-Time 3D Measurements

    Real-Time 3D Measurements

    Get accurate measurements of a component and copper spacing in the natural and intuitive Interactive3D canvas

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  • Real-Time 3D Movement

    Real-Time 3D Movement

    Move and place components in 3D, where it’s easiest to find and fix collisions.

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  • DesignTrue DFM Ecosystem

    DesignTrue DFM Ecosystem

    Connect with the world's leading manufacturers to easily request and implement custom manufacturability rules

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  • DRC Browser

    DRC Browser

    Double check your DFM rules before signoff with a forced batch check of all rules for your whole design. If you do find something awry, it’s easy to locate and fix in your design.

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  • Real-Time DFT Rules

    Real-Time DFT Rules

    Easily ensure test points are accessible in your designs.

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  • Real-Time DFF Rules

    Real-Time DFF Rules

    Check for common copper and component spacing issues that could potentially derail manufacturing and cause a respin.

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  • DFM Rules Wizard

    DFM Rules Wizard

    Easily create and assign constraints for manufacturing based on IPC standards and common PCB rules.

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  • Real-Time Design for Manufacturability

    Real-Time Design for Manufacturability

    Post-design DFM checks are too late. Even if you’re able to find a mistake, you’re going to lose hours, days, even weeks adjusting your design.

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  • Configure Backdrilling in Padstack Editor

    Configure Backdrilling in Padstack Editor

    Remove unused sections of plated through holes in high-speed designs to improve signal integrity on your designs.

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  • Z-Axis and Package Pin Delay

    Z-Axis and Package Pin Delay

    Measure from true signal origin to end point through vias and through packages, not just the etch, so you can get timing right and ensure signal performance.

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  • Real-Time Coupling Analysis

    Real-Time Coupling Analysis

    Easily and quickly identify coupling issues without always having to rely on the SI expert.

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  • Real-Time Dynamic Differential Pair Routing

    Real-Time Dynamic Differential Pair Routing

    Easily meet length and phase pin-to-pin constraints as traces bend without creating electrical issues.

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  • Real-Time Placement Analysis

    Real-Time Placement Analysis

    Visual indicators of length constraints help you meet delay propagation and total etch length goals when placing components.

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  • Real-Time Route Analysis

    Real-Time Route Analysis

    Real-time interactive checks help you easily find and fix common route quality issues that manufacturing DRC signoff checks miss.

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  • Real-Time Impedance Analysis

    Real-Time Impedance Analysis

    Easily and quickly identify impedance discontinuity issues visually, without simulation models or extensive signal integrity expertise.

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  • Real-Time Interactive 3D

    Real-Time Interactive 3D

    Your products all have three dimensions. And viewing them in 3D is great, but going back and forth from a 2D design and a 3D visualization feels a lot like trial and error. i

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  • Signal Integrity Analysis of Serial Data Channels

    Signal Integrity Analysis of Serial Data Channels

    Overview of BER analysis for DDR4 Interfaces with SystemSI.

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  • DFM: Integrated Manufacturing Constraints

    DFM: Integrated Manufacturing Constraints

    Manufacturing rules are managed as constraints in the familiar constraints manager, coexisting independently with electrical rules which can have more or less constrictive constraints.

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